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WMI Water Process Engineering



  • Client: Metropolitan Water District of Southern California
  • Project Location: La Verne, CA

While under previous employment, WMI’s principal was the ozone process engineer for the Metropolitan’s Oxidation Demonstration Project where he helped develop and implement operational strategies for bromate control. In addition to establishing the standards used to design and operate ozone disinfection systems, the scope of the project was to develop operating strategies to control levels of bromate, which forms when bromide is present in a water source.

Notable outcomes of this work include the operating strategies of pH suppression and ammonia addition, which have become standard strategies for controlling bromate formed by ozonation. Additional outcomes of this work have served to establish the fundamentals of ozone dose measurement and ozone contactor design, which are currently used as a standard for the design and operation of Metropolitan’s ozone facilities.

In a further study, WMI’s principal was the ozone process engineer on a joint project with the American Water Works Association and Environmental Protection Agency. The project was used as part of the basis for the ozone disinfection criteria for Cryptosporidium, which forms the basis for the EPA’s current Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule regulations. The study involved conducting ozone testing to accurately determine ozone disinfection kinetics for Cryptosporidium under a variety of operating conditions typical of ozone treatment plants.

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